What is SeaGrass?

tool to create quick louvered panels in Grasshopper. Generated panels can be used for Building Elevation/Facade , Furniture , Storage , False Ceiling, etc. We’ve made sure SeaGrass+ is simple to use.

Is SeaGrass for me?

SeaGrass+ can be used by beginners to explore options, and by seasoned users to speed up their design process. Simply change inputs, and create unique design iterations for your projects.

What will I get?

A .ZIP file containing the SeaGrass+ user file, Example file, and Release notes.

Feature Highlights:
⦿ Simple & Easy to use. User-friendly interface.
⦿ Gene output links to all future plugins.
⦿ Create 1000+ unique designs of panels based on your requirement.
⦿ 2 Base Shapes & 2 Base Patterns + 1 Fun Pattern.
⦿ Hyper-flexible attributes. Length, Height, Depth, Projection, Thickness, Spacing.
Software Compatibility

⦿ Windows / MacOS
⦿ Rhinoceros 6 and above.
⦿ Grasshopper 1.0
⦿ LunchBox (by Nathan Miller)

Additional Information
Design Output Louvered Panels
Base Shapes Quadrilateral, Elliptical
Base Patterns Curvy, Ripple, Bonus
Size 144KB
Type UserObject
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