Save the Rhino!


Admit it most of us use/want-to-use Rhinoceros3D & Grasshopper3D just because it makes us ‘look’ cool. All those wires and rectangles placed strategically is an artwork on its own!

Working with Rhino & Grasshopper

Arch.Student: Been there, Done that!

CaveBuilder3: I have 3 pet Rhinos! The grasshoppers are small and fast, I haven’t tamed them!

The real question is, do you need Rhino-GH? Can you complete and even optimize your workflow using other softwares?

Rhino Abuse

Architect: Rhino(s) is(are) being abused by people like @CaveBuilder3. Lets put things in perspective for him and the others! #SavetheRhino

Rhino is an Industrial/product design software. Meaning, it is meant for high-accuracy modeling for Fabrication. It works on a NURBS based protocol to store modeling data.

If you’re planning on 3D Printing/ Prototyping/ CNC Fabricating your design go for Rhino.

For Architects; Revit/Dynamo, 3DS Max, Sketchup will give you a lot of modeling freedom, faster workflow and can even produce decent render outputs.

If the end product is going to be just Renders (as is for most architects), you are better off without Rhino, if not GH!

CaveBuilder3: I don’t understand all these new words from your civilization! Have the Rhinos become that hard to tame?

Think about it, the time you spend mastering Rhino might backfire if you miscalculate its purpose! Happy Modelling!

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